LISTEN: WTM mix featuring Tester Housing (Left Ear Records), Eddie Suzuki (Aloha Got Soul), Maston (Be With), ‘Mutant Pop…’ (LITA) and University Challenged (Hive Mind)

A mix of fairly recently reissued music – covered at WTM – including Tester Housing (Left Ear Records), University Challenged (Hive Mind), Lion’s Drums (Lion’s Drums) and Finis Africae from Hybla La Ola Interior: Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticsm 1983-1990 (Bongo Joe). 


Al Diaz – What’s In a Name (Remix)

Tester Housing – Into You

Neo Museum – Area

Mammy – Mizu No Naka No Himitsu

Härte 10 – Weit Forte

D- Day – Sweet Sultan

Maston – Sure Thing

Steve Beresford – Comfortable Gestures

Change – Cocos

Finis Africae – Hybla

Eddie Suzuki – City of Refuge

Maston – Swans

Naoki Asai – Yakan Hikou

Dip In The Pool – Hasu No Enishi

Tony Hymas – Pictures of Departure

Piscine Et Charles – Quart de tour, mon amour

University Challenged – Shibboleth

Lion’s Drums – Aloutta (Hembra)

Lion’s Drums – Music From Memories

Wha-ha-ha – Akatere

Change – Cocos

John Makin & Friends – No Lie

Inès Péré – J’ Adore

Annie Perec – Carmen

Nermin – Nainan

Tester Housing – The Clock Ticks Over (Dub version)

Nightfall in Camp – Cada dia

House Tube – Histoire De Filles

Zeke Manyika – House Of Memory

Patrick Forgas – Sex Move

Brenda and the Beachballs – Dancing Thru’ the Night

Stiff Herbert – I Could Hit The Ceiling (WTM edit)

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