Delia Derbyshire (composer and arranger, born May 5, 1937 – died July 3, 2001), a pioneer of British electronica. Here are some quotes about her music from the great woman herself:

“My most beautiful sound at the time was a tatty green BBC lampshade.”

Delia at the controls.

“It was the wrong colour, but it had a beautiful ringing sound to it. I hit the lampshade, recorded that, faded it up into the ringing part without the percussive start.”

“I analysed the sound into all of its partials and frequencies, and took the 12 strongest, and reconstructed the sound on the workshop’s famous 12 oscillators to give a whooshing sound. So the camels rode off into the sunset with my voice in their hooves and a green lampshade on their backs.”

This documentary helps to explain further: