South America

Scroll down for more music from across the continent


Tiger’s Milk Records have put together a groove laden compilation of fantastic bands from the past, here’s a trailer:


Watched this concert once on Peruvian TV, mind blowing on a bad hangover:




Crazy jazz cat live at Montreux Jazz Festival in 1979, thanks to Biba and Lu, in Rio, for this one:


And thanks to Comrade Simon for the heads up on this fantastic documentary.  H seemingly finds a musical instrument in any object 🙂


The Brazil rock scene is great and obsessed over in Rio and Sao Paulo.

Here’s output from a studio in Rio. Warm hospitality from a hard working connoisseur of music, Antonio Padilla Filho. Here’s his band Astro Venga playing by the beach in Ipanema:



Here is a British Council trailer about the making of Ondatrópica, a Soundway release. Watch The Making of: Mario Galeano, the Creator and Musical Director of Ondatrópica below, it’s a serialised documentary and an extremely interesting project.


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