Ata Kak – exciting news about leftfield bomb

Ata Kak’s Daa Nyinaa has been doing the rounds for a while in the hands of worldly DJs thanks to Noema’s tribute edit released on African Shakedown. Now the cassette, released in 1994 according to Discogs, of the superb album Oba Sima will be pressed onto vinyl thanks to Awesome Tapes From Africa. Ata Kak is a Ghanaian highlife singer who raps, scats and wails over proto-house synth and beat combos ten years after the Euro/US movement.

A classic lost in the time-space continuum – unless you were throwing down to this in Africa in the 80s/90s, in which case this would have been on heavy play on your tape deck. Watch this video of the damage Daa Nyinaa does, although this looks like a weird Soul Train-esque montage with over-dubbed music (stating it was shot in 1989), anyway, enjoy!

Visit: For news of March’s release from Awesome Tapes’.

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