New Sahel Sounds ‘desert psychedelia’ and interview

It’s a busy time for Sahel Sounds and founder Christopher Kirkley. His fantastic record label goes from strength to strength.

Christopher Kirkley
Christopher Kirkley

He’s about to release a film likened to a version of Purple Rain – set deep in the Saharan desert, with the sensational musician and seemingly natural actor, Mdou Moctar.

Mdou Moctar
Mdou Moctar

The team creating, Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai, alongside Christopher, are attempting to capture the life of a guitarist from Agadez, Niger, as he tries to make it in music. It’s been described as a “revolutionary story of guitars, motorcycles and music”.  It is the Tuareg actor’s debut film and the first Tuareg language production. With music shared on Cellphones and an insight into modern Saharan life, it should provide a unique perspective on this part of the world and a fantastic soundtrack. Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai in English means “Rain the Color of Blue with a little Red in it”. The film is premiering this month – January 29th, it’s shown in Portland, Oregon, USA, first and then more screenings to be confirmed.

World Treasures Music spoke to Christopher ahead of the big premiere, click here

Hama - Torodi
Hama – Torodi

Alongside that is the next release from the label. Torodi, the new release from Hama is out with a digital download. Compiled from tracks collected across Niger over the past few years, the vinyl release features hand drawn artwork by Nigerien political caricature artist Abdoul Karim.

Chris says: “Hama is a multi instrumentalist and electronic synthesizer composer from the Republic of Niger. His music has enjoyed wide acclaim throughout the country through his underground releases of unlabeled digital recordings on memory cards. Creating at the convergence of disparate influences, such as North African instrumental synth, Tuareg tishumaren, 90s Nigerien Hip Hop and second wave Detroit techno, Hama composes music that is futuristic and rooted in tradition, transmitting Tuareg guitar into the 21st Century.”

Film details: click here

Christopher’s own posts on helping to make the film, via Sahel Sounds website: click here and scroll down to ‘all gold everything’ post

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