Weird Together

Weird Together are a fresh and exciting new act on Soundway Records and were formed in New Zealand in 2012. The band are Karima Madut (vocals), Mavs Adegbite (percussion/vocals), Izak Chadderton (steel pan), Alesano Schuster (steel pan), The Gaza Tripp (guitar) and Yonier Cuevas Vega (MC). They fuse musical influences from Africa, South America and the Caribbean. They were formed through Tokyo based New Zealand journalist and DJ, Nick Dwyer and Auckland based English music producer and DJ, Dick “Magik J” Johnson.

Weird Together, New Zealand based band
Weird Together, New Zealand based band (image: Soundway Records)
Video for their new release No Compromise stars Karima Madut, Albert Akuoko, Joel Orleans, Gyedu Blay Abolley, Ebo Taylor, Patience and the people of Accra.

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