Hot Casa do it again: synth-highlife bomb fronted by child

From 1977 and featuring top musicians like bassist Victor Edimo and guitarist Toto Guillaume, here is seven-year-old Cameroonian, Francis Mbarga, chatting and singing over some deep, hypnotic grooves. All hail Francis The Great and his LP Ravissante Baby.

Go straight to Side B (Look Up In The Sky) for the highlight of the year so far. Expect mind-bending rapping, psychedelic synths and supreme musicianship, as well as being backed with beautiful soukous music on the flip. There is also a full interview with Francis himself in this officially licensed release. Francis, born 1970, is eloquent and humble about his childhood career and this welcome addition for the world again – the original record is extremely rare in a very good condition and has been sold for lots of money (see).

Hot Casa continue their run of supreme African reissues. Look out for this holy grail, it’s extraordinary.

Hot Casa Records official reissue



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