Buena Vista Social Club tour and new material

Buena Vista Social Club are saying adios. The Cuban band are releasing previously unavailable material from a range of live performances coinciding with an international farewell tour that arrives in the UK on April 4th. Lost&FoundRubenIbrahim6436HR

The last two survivors of the golden Buena Vista line-up are Omara Portuondo and Eliades Ochoa and this accompanying CD of live tracks and improvised outtakes is the last we are likely to hear of the band who have wowed audiences across the world for decades.

The first date in Brighton, followed by a range of major cities (London, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham), will treat audiences to the band’s swansong. The final date is July 30th at the Royal Opera House, London.

The Lost and Found compilation is on World Circuit Records and features studios tracks recorded at Ergem studio in Havana, alongside live concert recordings. It’s out on World Circuit on March 30th – click here for more information.


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