Collectors alert for dance music from Pakistan

Courtosy of Ovular
Courtesy of Ovular

Early Pakistani Dance Music From Original 7″ Soundtracks 1967-1975 is a worthy addition to the ever expanding canon of music from Asia. This LP of sounds from Pakistan in the ’60s and ’70s has been compiled by Florian Pittner. “We wanted the world to know what fantastic music these guys played in Pakistan in those days,” he says.

The focus is on instrumentals which were released on two-track 45rpm EPs and listed as either ‘Dance Music’ or ‘Title Music’. Art work by Bwtchd Grfx captures the essence of the original sleeve designs below:

na-chhura-sako-ge-daman rootha-na-karo ibadat-vol.3 inteqam-ke-shole-blau

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