Homage to This Heat

One of the most pioneering and innovative bands of the 1970s was This Heat. Check this experimental production from 1979, the renowned 24 Track Loop:

In 1976 Charles Bullen, Charles Hayward and Gareth Williams met in Camberwell, London, England and founded the band. John Peel loved them. These three releases sold poorly at the time, but the band have been heralded by numerous producers and musos since for they’re hugely inventive approach, radical ethos and link place in the musical family tree between prog-rock/krautrock and post-punk/industrial/new wave.

Thanks once again to Light In The Attic, these three masterpieces return to the present – they will no doubt resonate with new listeners.

Charles Hayward recently toured his Anonymous Bash project – a jam based performance piece that moved through a range of genres and influences. Do not miss if the chance comes. The percussionist’s solo work is well worth exploring, as is Charles Bullen’s Lifetones – For A Reason LP (also coming soon thanks to the reissue Gods! Watch this space).

This Heat LP was the debut from the band and landed in 1979. The use of tape manipulation and looping is prominent throughout.  John Peel championed the band.

This_Heat_coverThis EP (Health and Efficiency, 1980) featured a more rock-orientated sound.

Health_and_Efficiency_coverDeceit (1981) featured more punk-rock sounds and further delved into the band’s world music influences.


More information at Light In The Attic.

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