Quality Thesda reissue on Left Ear Records

Melbourne’s Left Ear Records continues its sterling work with this official re-release of Thesda’s killer LP.

Thesda’s musical ideas collided in a small studio with Spaced Out pressed in very small numbers. The only distribution it got was as a Christmas present one year and interest was reignited in April 2007 after a record collector in Washington, DC, found the album at a thrift store. It has changed hands for ridiculous prices before this reissue.

The story of Thesda begins in the mid-70s with Eugene Hagburg. Alongside his musical moonlighting he was Director of the Management Academy for the United States Postal Service then located in Bethesda, Maryland (notice where the band got its name from – BeTHESDA). He later became Assistant Postmaster General in charge of Delivery Operations in the US. Hagburg and Thomas Crawford led the group in creating two albums released on their private press label Integrated Performance Systems International Incorporated (IPSI): Crawford’s The Peak Experience and Thesda’s Spaced Out. Both IPSI LPs are extremely rare and collectible.

Hagburg accumulated enough equipment to record Thesda’s LP in his home by the time Thesda was recorded in 1979.

Visit Left Ear Records here.

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