Hawaii’s music finds its place on Strut: Aloha Got Soul

All hail digger and DJ Roger Bong whose Aloha Got Soul blog and label has ended up in a much needed compilation on Strut. Bong has been the man mainly responsible for bringing artists like Mike Lundy (Rhythm Of Life) and Nohelani Cypriano (Lihue) to fans of “modern soul”.

Hawaii’s incredible funk, disco, soul and rock of the 1970s and 80s is mega sought after nowadays and thankfully it’s all in one affordable place now.

It’s out now on Strut Records.

Read the Stut blog and get more info here.

Check this wicked video of Lihue (a 7″ was recently reissued by Athens Of The North):

From this LP that is getting collectors hot under the collar:

NohelAnd Mike Lundy’s best from The Rhythm Of Life LP, reissued recently on the Aloha Got Soul label.

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