Archeo Recordings: new release and exclusive interview

07 Manu•Archeo, Firenze Apr. 2016Archeo Recordings is setting the bar very very high with another sublime release. Manu who heads up the label has spoken to WTM about his label that specialises in Italian reissues of the highest cosmic order. Click below to visit the labels section  to read the full interview and see Manu’s current top ten of Balearic/Italo/ambient/new age/folk/meditative/soft rock vinyl beauties.

Archeo’s new LP is by Markus Stockhausen (son of composer Karlheinz Stockhausen) and Jasper Van’t Hof (producer of Pili Pili – Baldelli classic!). It is called Aqua Sansa and is out now (grail!). Here’s the title track:

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