Interview: Mori Ra – European tour

Mori illustrationMori Ra of Japan has embarked on his European tour and WTM has spoken to him.

His forthcoming edit is of Black Pepper by Guyanese artists Yoruba Singers. The 1984 version of the track released in 1975 will be on a lovely 12″ reissued for the first time by Left Ear Records, alongside Mori’s edit. It follows up on Mori’s body of work for labels such as Macadam Mambo and Passport To Paradise.

WTM – How did the forthcoming re-edit for Left Ear come about? Was it a record you were already familiar with?

I was DJing in Melbourne last January. When I visited Melbourne, I met the owner Christopher of Left Ear Records. He gave me to guide the local record shops and I listened to a lot of records in his room, we shared a lot of music. He has the knowledge of a lot of records and he became a good friend. This release and doing the edit was offered by him, I listened at that time for the first time to the sound source. Of course, I accepted the offer immediately as it is such a great sound source.

WTM – What future projects are you looking forward to working on?

A new 12″ EP is scheduled for release with contributions from Berceuse Heroique later this year.
The Oriental Forest EP was sold out immediately when released in the spring of this year and is scheduled for reissue. There are other offers that I will work on after the EU tour. I am also looking forward to DJing at outdoor festivals, such as in Perth, Australia, in October of this year.

WTM – Where do you go digging for records?

I am mainly digging for records in my local Osaka used record shop. In Osaka there are a lot of good record shops. Osaka digging is so easy because the record shops are clustered nearby. I can find interesting records that keep up the curiosity and enthusiasm.

WTM – What is your working process when re-editing a tune?

First I listen to a lot of records. I have a lot of records that I want people to dance to, except they may be a little difficult to play at the club. So I will edit them to play. They are recorded on Pro tools running on Mac OS9.

WTM – who are DJs you dig at the moment?

In no particular order: Daniel Baldelli, Ponzu Island, Ruf Dug, Sacha Mambo, ASN.

WTM – How did you get into music?

I first heard punk. Is the time of high school students. Long journey of records from began there. It is still the middle. I have heard the record around the world. 90s alternative bands, grunge, lo-fi, scum, hardcore, intelligence techno, jungle, etc. ,, 80s around the world of the New Wave, especially German New Wave, recommended records, 70s psychedelic, progressive rock, especially krautrock, noise music, industrial music, dub, free jazz, sound art, contemporary music, minimal music, electronic music, proto-techno, Italo disco, disco, Library music. And I came back to Japan of music. I like music that there is anyway fresh discovery. Introduction moment hear the cool music that I thought please is a new discovery.

WTM – who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by the many records. I am inspired by recorded music and the various ages of the studio work, the originality and commitment, music that is not categorised by the genre.

Mori EU tour

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