Digging Surinam: eight year odyssey of Rush Hour’s Antal

Following 2012’s bounty on Kindred Spirits, Rush Hour boss Antal Heitlager puts together another sublime collection of obscure Surinamese disco and boogie with Thomas Gesthuizen.

Surinam Funk Force features Steve Watson’s Born To Boogie, and Surinam scene stalwart Sumy’s eccentric, synth-laden The Funky ‘G’ (Only Comes At Night, with more Surinamese fused killers like Explosion’s Wakka Mang and Ronald Snijders’ Kaseko Attack.

Antal explained to WTM about the finds and this lengthy project: “[The records were found] searching via fleamarkets, internet and friends. Thomas is also a serious collector of Surinam music. We have made contact with all the artists and found them.

“This project took more than four years. the first compilation I did on Kindred Spirits about Surinam music also took more than four years so in total this is already a project that is running for more then eight years Originally most of these tunes are b-sides or album cuts. In general Surinam singles have slow jams on the a-side and then sometimes a more freaky tune on the b-side. This is what we selected….But in the Surinam music scene these were the lesser popular tracks as it was more about the slower tunes.”

Click here for Rush Hour Records.

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