Invisible Inc. label feature and interview

Glasgow based label Invisible Inc. are going from strength to strength with a visceral blend of music and performance. Their latest EP by Peter Power is an ambient and tropical infused delight. Their DJ sets and parties showcase their heady brew and vision of dance and performance.

Komodo Kolektif – an electronic band fusing tribal sounds and gamelan percussion – are blowing up right now, with shows in Glasgow and a prospective show in London with DJ support from Andrew Weatherall.

Gamelan – a traditional musical style in Java and Bali – is practiced by a small ensemble in Glasgow ever since the city acquired a set of gamelan instruments in 1990 when it became City Of Culture. Members of the group – called Naga Mas (meaning Golden Dragon) – will be joining KK for the live shows.

World Treasures Music spoke to their label head Gordon, alias GK Machine. Click here to read the interview in the labels section.

Check Komodo Kolektif and the rest of Invisible Inc. on Bandcamp here.

Peter Power’s Awake Into Life is the latest release on Invisible Inc.

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