Turkish legend Selda to perform in UK

The first lady of Turkish psych music and hero for the working class will perform and collaborate with Israeli surf-rock quartet Boom Pam – for her first headline concert in the UK for six years at Koko, in London, on February 18th.

Selda’s space age Anatolian music, progressive-protest songs and psych-folk-funk-rock spans more than 45 years. She was the first person to sing and release a Kurdish folk song ignoring potential reprisals. Her outspoken lyrics and pursuit of freedom of speech was spurred by her immense popularity and influence – but it led to her imprisonment three times by the Turkish government between 1977 and 1985. Immediately after the coup in 1980, Selda had her passport revoked and was not allowed to leave the country for seven years. Amid media blackouts and other crackdowns, she was forced to cancel a performance at WOMAD festival in the UK that year.

UK based label Finders Keepers brought Selda to new audiences with the reissue of her 1976 self-titled classic album Selda in 2005.  The use of the electronic saz (Turkish stringed instrument) and polyphonic synthesizers were cutting edge when it was released. Songs such as Meydan Sizindir and Ince Ince were viewed as calls to revolt by the working classes. Her music and songs soon became more available to a wider market with the introduction of the cassette tape format, selling millions worldwide.

Selda Bağcan and Boom Pam: at Koko, Camden High St, London, UK, NW1 7JE, on Sunday 18th February.

Advance Tickets: http://bit.ly/2EtaIHQ

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