New reissue label Time Capsule will focus on cult classics of audiophile community

Time Capsule is a new London based reissue label connected to a community of record collectors from the city’s venue Brilliant Corners and party turned record label, Beauty & The Beat. The label is headed up by Kay Suzuki and each release will be co-curated by one of the community’s music-obsessives. The music will also be beautifully repackaged and restored.

First up is Il Guardiano Del Faro’s cult classic Oasis and is picked by Ryota OPP (Meda Fury), It drops next month. Oasis is an Italian proto electronic milestone with sounds moving between oscillating synth passages, out-there prog and psych, as well as space disco.

For the second release, Suzuki will reissue a set of five ’80s tunes from Yuji Toriyama, a Japanese fusion guitarist and composer. Toriyama is perhaps best known for his soundtrack work on video games such as Street Fighter II and Final Fantasy XII

“While there were so many talented Japanese guitarists in the ’80s,” Suzuki says, “Yuji’s production and arrangement in the era were very experimental and raw.”

There is a clear mission statement from Time Capsule – with these two selections already announced – and more vinyl gems can be expected from the precious vaults of a range of music devotees.

The record focusing on Yuji Toriyama, titled Choice Works 1982 – 1985, will land in October with new artwork from graphic designer Ben Arfur. The new sleeve design looks sublime, clearly inspired by Japanese label art and a colour composition that draws a listener to the beauty within.

Time Capsule will release Il Guardiano Del Faro on September 7th and Choice Works 1982 – 1985 on October 5th.

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