Left Ear press 1993 jams by Jay U Experience – you must hear these synth and drum machine experiments from New York

This is otherworldly music by Nigeria’s Jay U Experience, soon to be available on vinyl via the Melbourne based label, Left Ear Records. We’re big fans of this label and their intrepid musical excavations, but even by Left Ear’s impeccable standards, this is a real dig and insanely good.

This EP release is extracted from a lost ’93 CD/Tape only album, where the famed artist has used modern technology from the decade, with timeless African Rhythms. Jay U Xperience is the pseudonym of acclaimed Nigerian musician Justus Nkwane.

“His first release Enough Is Enough was a heavy blend of psychedelic rock and funk epitomising 1977 and yet foreshadows Justus’ experimental and genre-spanning inquisitiveness,” Left Ear’s Chris Bonato explains.

“Justus wouldn’t record another album until 1993 while living in New York City. Here he emerged with Ancestral Call an album that he describes as a “once in a lifetime event”, something from his “inner spiritual guts”. Equipped with a Roland R-5 drum machine and a Roland U-20 synthesizer to extract melodies, he was able to create tunes that encapsulated contemporary technology with timeless traditional African rhythms, creating a work that sounds just as relevant today as it did then.”

Available soon  via Rush Hour, Seance Centre, or Left Ear.

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