This genre fusing gnawa is Habibi Funk’s latest electrifying dig by Attarazat Addahabia and Faradjallah El Hadaoui


This Attarazat Addahabia and Faradjallah El Hadaoui album can now be heard widely for the first time thanks to the painstaking work of Habibi Funk. It’s a completely unreleased album with an innovative band blending Moroccan gnawa music with funk and rock. It’s fantastic.

The team at Habibi say: “Recorded in Morocco in 1973 Attarazat Addahabia and Faradjallah’s album came to us as quite a mystery. Our friends from Radio Martiko got access to the studio archive of the Boussiphone label and a reel labeled “Faradjallah” was among the items they had found there.”

Radio Martiko felt it was more fitting for Habibi Funk to release it and helped licensing from Mr. Boussiphone instead.


“We knew nothing about the band,” add HF. “We just had the reel with the music but very little information. What we knew was that the music was incredible and very unique. Gnawa sounds were combined with funky electronic guitars, very dense layers of percussions and female backing vocals more reminiscent of musical styles further south than Morocco.”

Click here to read more about the Habibi Funk expedition to release the music.


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