Sessa’s debut is ‘Grandeza’ and the Brazilian artist is set to shine for the tropicália movement

capa-spotifySessa is an acclaimed musician of the American and Brazilian music scenes, known for his collaborations with Yonatan Gat and as co-founder of acclaimed psych-rock group Garotas Suecas.

Debut LP Grandeza is released next month and is an eagerly anticipated work. It covers many themes and sounds like an accomplished work, infused with a range of variants of Brazilian music, including modern contributions to the canon of politicised music in Brazil – tropicália. This artistic movement in the late 1960s expressed veiled criticism of the military and oppressive rule in the country. Many tropicália artists were exiled from their home country.

“Grandeza is an album about the natural gesture of love and the softness of the human body,” says Sessa, who is often mystical and enigmatic in his description of his debut. At times he addresses the politicised themes and references to his nation, at other times…not. “It’s also about my love for Brazilian music and its many shapes and colours. I like to think that it exists somewhere among the rituals that celebrate life. It’s a reminder that amongst all the pain, music comes to reaffirm the beauty in living.”

The album was written and recorded in multiple locations between São Paulo and New York during a “nomadic period in Sessa’s life”. His songs have been compared to the sound of Caetano Veloso, and the melodic flourishes of Tom Jobim and Arthur Verocai. Sessa’s composition and arrangements are more minimalist, but have that ethereal quality of so many beautiful Brazilian tracks.

Grandeza is released on November 15th on the Boiled / Risco record label. Click here to visit the Bandcamp page.


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