Lucked In and their scintillating ‘Nuttin’ Cold’ EP results from transnational collaboration and a globalised punk ethos

This Nuttin Cold EP on XVI Records is fresh and fantastic – created by Lucked In – a trio who met in Paris and ooze jazz and hip-hop infused electronic sounds, brought together under an Afro-centric vibe. They were formed in Paris in late 2017 and draw on a transnational wealth of musical traditions. Poet and rapper Kwame Write (Ghana) raps in multi-lingual verses and is accompanied by the ethereal melodies of singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Black Rainbow (New Zealand/Ghana, a.k.a. Leila Adu). They both work in tandem with saxophonist and producer Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar (Colombia/USA)
On the themes of the EP, the band explains: “Many of the songs speak of the sociopolitical impact of a world that is increasingly interconnected, increasing movement of people and in reaction increasing hostility towards others. Experience of living between cultures, tensions between tradition and modernity.”
The group represent the true essence of music in a globalised world – being currently dispersed between a range of countries. Kwame is in Tema (Ghana) and Copenhagen, Leila is in NYC and Alejandro is in Paris – and sharing and recording music through shared sessions online and “chance encounters and performance opportunities as we cross paths”. Hopefully we’ll hear more very soon.

To buy the music, visit Lucked In’s Bandcamp page.

For more from the trio:

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