Essential ‘lost’ Chicago anthem by LITIA=LOE is reissued by Left Ear Records and Mixed Signals – promo video is also a must see

This ‘lost’ Chicago house anthem is a deep and immersive track, on a par with many of the very best of the genre – it’s going to be available, affordable (this stuff is rare) and remastered thanks to Left Ear Records.

This is wiggy, angry and righteous, backed by some killer synth work and raw craftmanship, scarcely available since its 1989 release on Façade Records (some lucky finds in NY thrift shops, according to Discogs). The way this lo-fi masterpiece combines Trax style drum fills, together with industrial, post-punk, EBM and new-beat influences, elevates this to supreme jack-heights. Probably very reminiscent of the most important clubs’ playlists at the time.

“LITIA=LOE’s – Each Dawn Every Dawn is a nearly-lost existential house anthem from Chicago’s second generation,” says Chris Bonato at Left Ear. “[It’s] heavily under the influence of Ron Hardy, European EBM, and the struggle of daily life in the city’s marginalised neighbourhoods.”

LITIA=LOE (Life In The Insane Asylum = Life On Earth) formed in Chicago during the house movement of the 1980’s. Leon Williams, Daryl Wilson, and brothers Grant and Simeon Rogers would meet up every weekend to party at legendary Chicago clubs – Music Box, Medusa, The Power Plant, The Warehouse, and Frankie Knuckles’ Dance Palace.

“After the clubs closed, they would retreat to Leon’s basement to experiment with synths, inspired by what they had just witnessed at the clubs,” Chris adds.

“At the time, the record barely made it out of Chicago, but the group did have a chance at notoriety. Rocky Jones of D.J. International Records offered up a “Blood contract” for joining the label. The group declined and the group remained a mystery. More than 30 years later Each Dawn Every Dawn will finally be available again (no blood contracts needed).”

The record will be released in collaboration with new label Mixed Signals (Seance Centre / Smiling C). For more information, visit Left Ear Records website or the Seance Centre website (with Mixed Signal info).

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