Russian producer Wulffluw XCIV makes music from the heart of Uganda to body moving and mind bending effect – debut album via Nyege Nyege Tapes imprint, Hakuna Kulala – it’s another fantastic fusion born in Kampala

Russian producer Wulffluw XCIV releases on Hakuna Kulala – an imprint of the mind blowing label, Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Tapes. Wulffluw XCIV moves between industrial music, EBM techno, dembow rhythms, kuduro, gqom and cyberpunk. It’s out on October 30th.

This debut album was started during his residency at Nyege Nyege Studios in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, following the 2019 edition of the label’s annual festival. The event, label, production hub and continual mission of cultural exchange in Uganda has seen a range of projects emerge. Check out WTM recent coverage on Blip Discs, Cervo and pq’s collaboration with Kawuku Sound, and Nihiloxica.

Wulffluw XCIV’s work reveals a passion and sonic vison that unites cultures, histories, while always looking forward. In the past, he has collaborated with musicians from all over the world, such as Ink Midget, Santa Muerte & Rafa Maya, Blastah, Nahshi, Yoshitaka Hikawa, AN System, Icy Flame, and Whiterose.

Get the goodies here.

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