INTERVIEW: Meet Coreysan – the bassist for fellow Trinidadian, the icon Calypso Rose – he brings his own heat and roots to his new album ‘Deeper Than Skin’, for Blind Colour, plus more exciting projects on the way

Coreysan is a Bristol based and Trinidad born musician and producer who describes his music as ‘electronic Caribbean hybrid music’ – where deep bass sounds, soulful beats and the leftfield sound (characteristic of the port city) merge beautifully. His soothing vocals and a storyteller approach, reminiscent of fellow Trinidadian and legend Calypso Rose – with whom he plays bass and provides backing vocals – all combine to give his music a conscious and rootsy style.

It’s exciting, to see such a thoughtful and creative artist starting to reach the peak of their powers, as well as finding such a nurturing and vibrant label as Blind Colour – one to watch for the future.

Bristol is an apt and fertile setting for an artist of Coreysan’s heritage, talent and vision – being a city of such musical prestige and innovation – a place where the culture of Caribbean migrants, soundsystem culture and DIY creatives perpetually spew out internationally renouned visual art and music.

Coreysan’s album Deeper Than Skin drops on Blind Colour on October 30th.

Click here for an exclusive listen to Deeper Than Skin.

Coreysan has also been collaborating with Ink Project, recent single Feeding The Fire (with remixes from Babe Roots, Gaudi, El Choop and Sivey) was an experimental breaks package that came out at the end of last month.

WTM spoke to Coreysan about his music and influences:

What are the most influential artists in your music from the various places you’re connected to?

“There are so many artists who have influenced my musical direction in Trinidad and Tobago. Some of them I have had the honour of playing with. So to keep this list tidy, I would say Shadow, Andre Tanker, Oddfellows Local/Jointpop, Calypso Rose, Mungal Patasar and Pantar, Stephen Encinas and Ras Shorty I.

“From the Caribbean I would say Israel Vibrations, Kasav and Grace Jones.

“From The UK and the rest of the world I would say The Cure, Jah Wobble, Duran Duran, Dead Can Dance, David Bowie, Tricky, Massive Attack, Black Coffee, Sade, Burial, Photek and Dengue Dengue Dengue to name a few.”

How has your background helped to develop your unique sound and approach?

“Trinidad and Tobago is a place with a continuous fusing of cultures, people and sounds. This was the beginning of my love for cross genre musical explorations. This was further enhanced when I moved to Bristol. Bristol allowed me to spread my musical wings even further without thinking about boxes and genres.”

What’s coming up for you in Bristol or abroad? How is the current situation affecting you?

“So far nothing is clear with regards to live performances this year. After this next batch of releases, there are some projected dates for next year with Calypso Rose, Ink Project and Coreysan. I am working on a new album, some collaborations and possibly doing some live streaming performances. Yes these are strange times, but I am using it to be as creative as possible in preparation for when the gates open again. So I am ok. I am just accepting it and making the best of what can be done right now.”

The music of Trinidad is so varied, how has the country influenced you?

“The exposure to different styles of musical projects has greatly influenced my work. While in Trinidad and Tobago I have played live and recorded works with African drummers, Indian fusion artists, reggae groups, metal (in my younger days), calypso, rapso, electronic music producers and many underground bands that did a fusion of all or some of the aforementioned styles. So this has had a great influence on my creative direction of merging different musical roads.”

How do the different scenes you’ve encountered on the road compare to one another? What have you taken away from each country or artist you’ve worked with?

“I cannot make a comparison of the musical scenes that I have encountered while touring as each of them have put their unique stamp in my life. The same for the artists that I have worked with over the years. It would be a very long list.

“I can say that working with the ‘Queen of Calypso Music’ Calypso Rose for the past 12 years has been a lesson in persistence. She is 80 years old and still going strong.

“Also working with Ink Project and Blind Colour has taught and encouraged me to stay true to my craft and that it is ok to just make beautiful music without thinking about boxes and categories.”

Coreysan’s recent and forthcoming work –  as well as future Blind Colour releases – can be linked below:

Ink Project – Feeding The Fire feat. Coreysan – with remixes from Babe Roots, Gaudi, El Choop and Sivey – out now – experimental, song-based broken beat and dub

Coreysan – Deeper Than Skin – out on October 30th – electronica, dub, world music, alternative rock, calypso, Caribbean, Indian, Middle Eastern, North and South African

Ink Project – Rhythm Spirit – out on February 26th, 2021 – electronic, gothic, soul, dub, outernational, world music, down-tempo

For information and to purchase – direct from the label – click here for their Bandcamp.

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