Killer no-wave synth disco from Baby’s Berserk – ‘What I Mean’ has a must-see video to boot, inspired by 90s cassette and rave culture – it’s another superb, supergroup 7″ for the Swiss Bongo Joe label

Baby’s Berserk have announced their debut single What I Mean / Sleepless and it’s a fantastically nostalgic audio-visual treasure for the ever evolving side of the Bongo Joe label – they keep releasing fresh and stylised original material from new artists, alongside their reissue specialism. Based between Amsterdam and Toronto and inspired by 90s rave cassettes and no wave, Baby’s Berserk were formed in 2019, Mano Hollestelle (Mauskovic Dance Band), Lieselot Elzinga (designer for Elzinga fashion label), and Puggy Beales (Regular Nature) wanted to create a new take on underground rave and 90’s house music, as a live outfit.

The full single and 7” vinyl release set for December 11th – transporting you to hazy memories of late night dance floors, alongside spacey analog synths and soulful chanting – with B-side Sleepless clashing smooth, melodic synths and angular guitars to make this a must have double-header. It’s also part of Bongo Joe’s forthcoming celebrations.

This release is one of three singles coming out on December 11th, to mark the label’s five year anniversary, more in store to be sure. WTM interviewed Bongo Joe label boss, Cyril Yeterian, earlier this year.

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