New remix with a jazzy, deep house treatment from Suff Daddy – for Afghan beat-junkie DJ Farhot and his ‘Feel Ugly’ track from the forthcoming ‘Kabul Fire 2’ album – is out now


Outernational dancefloor flavours here – featuring UK vocalist Tiggs Da Author on mic duties, this new deep house take of Feel Ugly is given a remix by German producer Suff Daddy – the original track is by DJ Farhot, previously covered on WTM.

Suff Daddy’s remix of Feel Ugly still combines the nuanced rhymes and word play of Tiggs Da Author. The original version, along with recent singles Yak Sher and Baqi Mandi, all feature on Farhot’s forthcoming album Kabul Fire 2, coming out on January 29th, on his own imprint Kabul Fire Records.

Farhot owns and runs Kabul Fire Records from his home in Germany, having lived there since leaving Afghanistan as a child. His 2013 debut Kabul Fire Volume 1 featured collaborations with Ms Dynamite, Giggs and Kano and his previous credits include Talib Kweli and Nneka. The new album is once again brimming with fresh hip-hop ideas, rugged beats and featuring various guest MCs.

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