Sio ‘Features’ a range of producers on her deep-house song showcase for Stay True Sounds – the South African label is a torchbearer of the style that unites dance music the world over – out in April

Prepare for Sio’s FEATURES project on Stay True Sounds in April – the South African singer enlists a number of producers – including the mighty Charles Webster, Jonny Miller and label boss Kid Fonque, as well as emerging talents and co-creators from her homeland, such as D-Malice, DUNN, Dwson, rkls and SGVO.

Throughout this superb collection, Sio flips the traditional house record, instead the producer features for her, not the other way round.

“Sio, the storyteller sings about how her ‘features’,” according to the label. “…being a multi-ethnic, non-white woman in South Africa, has been met with challenges.

“Confronting lust, twin flames, narcissism, beauty privilege, sexism, gender based violence, femicide, misogyny, black fishing, cultural appropriation, race and the delicate dance of interracial relationships on a bed of deep, intricate and beautiful sounds. This is a brave body of work where she yet again bares her soul.”

Stay True Sounds is based in South Africa and has been foregounding the house sound that has made the nation one of its global torch bearers. Jonny Miller also joins Kid Fonque on a recent release, once again epitomising the deepest of house sounds.

Another recent introduction to rest of the the world by the label, was with a release by Radic The Myth, a renouned name in South Africa having been producing from his neighbourhood called Duduza – a small township east of Johannesburg – since 2008. His deep electronic productions caught the attention of Stay True Sounds label boss Kid Fonque back in 2019.

“At the beginning of one of the world’s toughest lockdowns South Africans faced earlier this year, Radic decided to place all his heart, soul and energy into a full-length album,” the label adds “…an album that [Radic] describes as ‘poetry without words’. The result is a beautiful 12-track soundscape focused on deep emotionally-driven electronics straight out of the land known for releasing some of the worlds deepest house music.”

Visit the label’s Bandcamp.

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