New project from the unique FLEE stable produces a cutting edge compilation – the ‘Extra Muros Italy’ residency inspires new collaborations – feat. Benoit B, Eva Geist, Jolly Mare and Dona

Heads up – the next installment from one of the most fertile and diverse labels/projects/stables is on the way -the latest Extra Muros compilation is coming soon. It features Benoit B, Eva Geist, Jolly Mare and Dona – who worked together last October – in the Castel Normanno-Svevo, in Italy. The artists are able to collaborate and incubate their talents in an inspiring setting, guided by the curators of the project, Olivier Duport and Alan Marzo.

Extra Muros is a sub-label of FLEE, previously the label has visited Kenya and Italy to explore musical cultures and traditions – while also reinterpreting through a range of producers – inspired and edified through the supported artistic process. More on previous projects linked below, the spider festival in Italy is a must-read.

This is the second Extra Muros edition.

A total of five musicians and producers from Italy and Europe came together for two weeks to experiment on new sounds and produce ten tracks, inspired by a variety of artistic environments and soundscapes. 

Olivier continues to challenge and channel the creativity of the producers, shortlisted from a number of artists that apply for the residency opportunity.

The first edition, Extra Muros – Kenya, featured seven musicians and producers from East Africa and Europe and took place in September 2019, at the Elephant Studio, in Nairobi.

Olivier says: “Extra Muros – Italy is the result of the second edition of FLEE’s creative residency program in the Castel Normanno-Svevo, in Sannicandro di Bari (Puglia). Documenting from various perspectives the music production process, capturing those exchanges, this compilation celebrates a unique form of artistic expression and collaboration.”

Find out more at the swish project website, also featuring photos of the idyllic setting of where the residency takes place and the creative juices flow.

We’ll be featuring an exclusive special mix from the project later this month, following the first edition of the World Treasures Selectors Series with DJ Tracksuit:

Check out previous coverage of previous projects:

Creative hub FLEE launch new sub-label ‘Extra Muros’, with a debut comp’ exploring new electro-soul directions from Kenya – artists invited to collaborate for second project in Italy

The fusion of traditional folklore and leftfield music made this project especially unique:

‘Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual’ – a creation to celebrate one of Europe’s most mysterious trance phenomenon

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