New album from Carlos Niño & Friends feat. Sam Gendel and Nate Mercereau on International Anthem – with a superb Miami Coral Reef mix and blissful ambient video

Just out, More Energy Fields, Current is a definitive new album from Carlos Niño & Friends for International Anthem – featuring contributions from some of Los Angeles’ finest – Jamael Dean, Nate Mercereau, Sam Gendel, and Jamire Williams, creating ten gems of Niño’s unique “Spiritual, Improvisational, Space Collage” style.

Thanking The Earth heavily features two of Niño’s closest collaborators – Mercereau, the LA-based producer and composer known for his work with Leon Bridges, The Weeknd, Lizzo, and Sheila E. – and Gendel, an eclectic multi-instrumental artist heard prominently on the new Pino Palladino & Blake Mills album, and his own eponymous releases on Nonesuch and Leaving Records.

The accompanying video was shot by Niño in Maui with a small, waterproof camera and the footage was edited and arranged by his son, Azul Niño.

Mercereau says: “In conversation and improvisation, Carlos is willing to immediately dive into real life human cosmic connection and vulnerable emotional zones, and stay within them to explore. It’s something incredibly valuable, a rare combination of boldly adventurous and gently caring. For Thanking The Earth I put my energy towards creating moments that accentuate what I felt was already present in the music, thinking of myself as a magnifying glass to bring attention to moments I found especially moving.”

Gendel adds: “Carlos and I never discuss or conceptualise music. We set up the instruments, sit down, and go. Every time I play with Carlos, we basically end up making a record. Carlos hears angles in my music that I don’t, which must be why I ended up playing prepared vibraphone on Thanking The Earth – I sent the part to him with a different intention; he envisioned this piece (different ANGLES). He is post-genre, pure love and exploration, green lights down the whole boulevard yes!”

Niño has also presented a mix for Coral City Camera – providing a viewing experience of the 24/7 livestream coral cam in Miami, Florida:

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