Istanbul’s Islandman with Ecuadorian singer Huaira – cumbia boogie meets Anatolia on new single ‘Amarnos Ahora’ – from 3rd album ‘Godless Ceremony’ for Music For Dreams

Islandman’s latest single Amarnos Ahora is a trippy, cumbia boogie and collaboration with Ecuadorian singer Huaira – taken from new album Godless Ceremony – set for release, via Music for Dreams, on September 10th. Nine dates in the UK are organised, along with other European venues, for their forthcoming tour in November.

Turkish group Islandman and rising Ecuadorian singer Huaira are both mutating their country’s folk music into new digital realms, blending the organic with the electronic, for all to hear on new single Amarnos Ahora (meaning ‘love us now’ in Spanish). There’s a flamenco bend to the groove and the characteristic Islandman synth-chug-funk.

A deserving special mention must go to the brilliant percussion of recently deceased Bongo Entp. aka Jacob Andersen, a Music for Dreams family member (RIP).

Islandman are led by multi-instrumentalist and producer, Tolga Böyük, who performs alongside Eralp Güven (percussion) and Erdem Başer (guitars). The trio have become known for their superb live performances – as their live streams from Istanbul for the London Jazz Festival and Boiler Room have emulated.

Check out more from Islandman.

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