Berlin-based MAUGLI is inspired by ‘Six Boys in Trouble from the early 1950s and poetry from Southern Laos – his production expertise blooms on the ‘Botanas’ release for the Shika Shika label

MAUGLI relases a double header on his new Botanas release for the Shika Shika label. On one side there is Trouble Feat. Flolento and on the other is Kiliman – both productions flex MAUGLI’s production muscle, creating outernational electronica for the heads.

The label says: “Shika Shika presents our new Botanas by MAUGLI, an artist we have had on our radars and playlists for a while due to his really unique production style and sound. Somewhere between hip-hop, very skilled cut and paste sampling and crisp production. With this Botanas he doesn’t disappoint with two absolutely delicious cuts of his signature style.”

MAUGLI says: “First track Trouble… is a collaboration with Eigenklang member Flolento on the clarinet and was originally inspired by the notorious ‘Six Boys in Trouble. In the early 1950s the group of kids from housing projects jammed on homemade percussion and sang tales along with it. With a ton of soul and the first signs of something resembling rap flows (in the 50s!) the recordings spark pure joy to me. At some point the sample flew out and ended up on another song and then I asked Flolento and his clarinet to jump in to contrast the pouring wet guitarlicks – chop choppidy, chop and the jam was ready to be served.

Kiliman was inspired by a PVC tube field recording and sung poetry from Harak and various Brao groups of Southern Laos. What struck me first was the laid back vibe that came across the recordings. A perfect base to garn with raw drums and pure sine waves for some serious sweaty, booty shaking.”

Check out the label Bandcamp.

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