LISTEN: ‘World Treasures Selectors’ new mix – EXTRA MUROS ITALY (productions by Benoit B, Dena, Dona, Eva Geist and Jolly Mare)

Productions in the mix from resident artists at Extra Muros – Italy: (clockwise from top left) Jolly Mare, Dona, Benoit B, Dena, Eva Geist.

In the second mix of our ‘World Treasures Selectors’ series, Olivier Duport of the FLEE label has selected a playlist of favourites, enjoyed during the Extra Muros – Italy creative program. His selections are mixed alongside the productions made by the artists – Benoit B, Dena, Dona, Eva Geist and Jolly Mare.

Credit: Olivier Duport.

Extra Muros is curated by Olivier and Alan Marzo. The two-week residency was held in Italy’s Castello Normanno-Svevo in 2020. Previous project, Extra Muros – Kenya launched FLEE’s sub-label Extra Muros and took place in September 2019 at the Elephant Studio in Nairobi.

During residencies, artists have the chance to collaborate with global likeminds and benefit from FLEE’s support network. Previous projects at FLEE have looked at historical music and cultures (for example, Tarantismo: Odyssey of an Italian Ritual) and given them a modern perspective from leading avant-garde producers, as well as previously exploring the Benga music tradition in Kenya.

The next FLEE and Extra Muros projects will be announced soon.

Italy’s Castello Normanno-Svevo. Credit: Olivier Duport.

World Treasures Music Selectors is a series of mixes featuring DJs and producers crossing outernational boundaries with their creative work. The first edition was supplied by DJ Tracksuit. More to come soon. This set is mixed by Mike BC. Set mastering by Mark Rayner.

John Carroll Kirby – Blackberry Beads *
River Yarra – Café Del Frog *
Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge, Sam Irl – Gelb’s Groove *
Benoit B & Jolly Mare – Doing
D.K. – Cham Dance *
Eva Geist & Dona – Morning Castle
Benoit B & Eva Geist – Confused Drawing
Jolly Mare & Benoit B – Si Va Bene
Laila Sakini – Hilsea Street Shuffle *
Tamburi Neri – Indio *
Dona & Jolly Mare – Wet Castello
Eva Geist & Dona – Acid Jam
Geo Rip – Lil Mist *
Mildlife – Automatic *
Jolly Mare & Eva Geist – Presenze
Low Khey – Control X *
Spivak – Enough Throwbacks *
Dona & Eva Geist – Let It Pass
Peter Phillip Weiss – Subway (Intenta Version) *
Jolly Mare & Dena – Nobody Knows
Tomaga – Intimate Intensity *
Dona & Jolly Mare & Eva Geist – Goodbye

(* = selections by Olivier Duport)

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