El Dragón Criollo is in a playful headspace on new track ‘Hoy No Moriré’ for El Palmas Music – he’s in celebratory mood ahead of new LP for the label

Hoy No Moriré is the new irresistible single from El Dragón Criollo and is a perfect introduction to his upcoming LP Pase Lo Que Pase – the Brazilian cadence of its rhythm and sounds evoke a journey – from this Colombian Caribbean atrtist.

There are also hidden influences in the lyrics that are part of the surprise. Hoy No Moriré tells a story of a character who faces social injustice every day and has grown tired of fighting, yet surprisingly, we do not find him down – in the chorus he tells us very clearly: “hoy no morire” (“I’m not going to die today”).

This feel-good tune (honestly), shows El Dragón Criollo at his most playful and is full of cheer and resistance – as he sings about the good times that will surely come – but while acknowledging the culture and situation he is in.

Check out more at the artist’s Bandcamp, click the track above.

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