Tracklist for next ‘Club Coco’ comp’ announced – Bongo Joe delivers more cross-continental mayhem selected by Coco Maria, first single from Dip In The Dub

A first single has been released to mark DJ and selector Coco Maria’s return to compiling her second volume of Club Coco – ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound of Now – via Bongo Joe Records.

It promises to be another collection of eclectic and experimental Afro-Latin cuts and Dip In The Dub’s La Cumbia Del Sufi Que No Sabia Baila is the opening salvo. Dip In The Dub is a mysterious and previously unreleased artist from Peru who first reached out to Coco Maria through the Worldwide FM chat boards – and was one of her biggest fans of her Breakfast Club Coco radio show. The track features cumbia stylings but transcends borders via Syrian dabke and Saharan desert blues. Think Omar Souleyman meets Group Inerane on ayahuasca.

Following on from 2021’s Club Coco compilation, also on Bongo Joe Records, as well as the Mexican DJ’s daily hosting of Breakfast Club Coco for Worldwide FM’s morning show, her new selection continues to focus on contemporary Afro-Latin sounds. Spanning 14 tracks – many of the diaspora artists, bands and solo producers featured are scattered around the world – from Venezuela, Colombia, Suriname, UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Israel making it a riotous world tour.

There are 13 brand new tracks, with one exception, the monster Coco staple from Dutch/Surinamese flautist Ronald Snijders and Off the Groove from 1985. Other notable inclusions point to the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam producer Juan Hundred’s ode to 2000’s cumbia villera (roughly translated as ‘ghetto cumbia’ or ‘shantytown cumbia’) on Always Ready – he was Mauskovic Dance Band’s first ever drummer and plays in multiple well known outfits. Also, Venezuelan group Lola’s Dice, who are based out of Rotterdam, brought in Coco Maria for the vocals on the trippy track Sacúdete.

Here’s the tracklist for the next volume of Club Coco – ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound of Now:

1. Raz Olsher – Pacific Dreams

2. Los Pirañas – Puerta Del So

3. Lola’s Dice – Sacudete

4. Guess What – Children’s Favourite

5. Acid Coco – Seguimos Sonriendo

6. Juan Hundred – Always Ready To Smoke

7. Las Mijas – Ronca (Carta Para Una Mija)

8. Dip In the Dub – La Cumbia Del Sufi Que No Sabia Baila

10. Guess What – Stickle Bricks

11. Candeleros – El Bravo

12. Iko Chérie – Lepidoptera

13. Ronald Snijders – Off The Groove

14. Raz Olsher – Vamonos Cocos

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