Sensational reissue of modern soul gold via Athens Of The North: ‘In Togetherness’ by Judy Pollak (featuring 33 1/3)

Judy Pollak’s heavenly voice and the steady playing of 33 1/3 can now be enjoyed on vinyl, thanks to the Athens Of The North team, with the reissue of ‘In Togetherness’.

Check out Judy’s exclusive interview (from a while back with World Treasures Music) when we first heard about this much needed reissue. Click here to read the interview.

Judy is also a keen animal rights activist and has a charity that looks after cats in need. Click here to find out more.

Listen again: World Treasures Music Radio w/ Judy Pollak (tracklist and link below)

Listen again to the latest World Treasures Music Radio show, featuring an exclusive first listen to the extremely rare In Togetherness album by Judy Pollak and 33 1/3.

Click here to read an exclusive interview with Judy.

Listen to the show:


Aretha Franklin – One Step Ahead

Kalima – Where Is The Sunshine

Sue Barker – Love To The People

Judy Pollak Featuring 33 1/3 In Togetherness – Fascinating

June Evans – If You Want My Lovin

N.S.T. Cophie’s – Bian Ku

Tunde Mabadu – African Parowo

Thabang Tabane – Richard

Black Savage – Sharpeville

Thabang Tabane – Father and Mother

Divine Horsemen chanting

Mushapata – Kmbere Mushimbe

Momo Joseph – Love Africa Soul

Philou Louzolo – Czd

Red Axes – Abidjan (Feat Yakomin)

Nick The Record, Dan and The No Commercial Value Band – Give Me More

Judy Pollak Featuring 33 1/3 In Togetherness – Your Mine

The Nelson Family – Thank You Lord

Judy Pollak Featuring 33 1/3 In Togetherness – More Than Words

(For this song, Judy added: “And by special request, you know who you are…Jud”)

Trio Ternura – A Gira

Chiemi Manabe – うんととおく

Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek – Nem Kaldi

Elisa Rahbani and His Orchestra – Liza…Liza

Sunghoi Band – Africa Africa (Faze Action Edit)

Judy Pollak Featuring 33 1/3 In Togetherness – Billy’s Coming Back

Judy Pollak exclusive interview – hear her modern soul gems on World Treasures Music Radio tonight at 8pm

WTM is absolutely delighted to bring you the voice and music of a legendary modern soul singer, activist and charity leader.

The very rare LP, In Togetherness, is Judy’s modern soul masterpiece featuring 33 1/3. It is being reissued soon and some of the highlights will be played on tonight’s World Treasures Music radio show, on Kmah Radio, at 8pm (GMT).

Click here to read an exclusive interview with Judy.

Click here to listen to the show from 8pm (GMT).