‘The Golden Voice Of Africa’ Salif Keita returns for farewell album of innovation and tradition

Salif Keita – aka ‘the Golden Voice of Africa – returns for his 14th studio album Un Autre Blanc on February 1st, 2019. A three track single – Bah Poulo/Diawara Fa/Itarafo is out now. It follows a six year break for the Malian star and he is joined by luminaries such as Beninoise singer Angelique Kidjo, Parisian MC and trap artist MHD and Nigerian pop star Yemi Alade – who won the Peak Talent Show in 2009 – and is now a prominent leading light on the Afropop scene. Alpha Blondy of Ivory Coast and South Africa’s Ladysmith Black Mambazo also collaborate on the album.

Un Autre Blanc  is Keita’s first self-produced record and encapsulates his 50 years in the business. A key theme is about the fight for justice for people with albinism and builds on the work his self-made foundation conducts across Africa, helping to create awareness about the plight of those living with albinism. The Foundation Salif Keita pour les Albinos was set up in 2005 and is now run by his Paralympian gold-medalist daughter Nantenin Keita.

Salif Keita was a prince and exiled from his village by his family at a young age because of the colour of his skin. It was seen as a sign of bad luck in Mandinka culture. His royal background can be traced to the founder of the Malian Empire almost 1,000 years ago. It meant he turned to the ways of the musician ‘griots’ and moved to the Malian capital Bamako in 1967 at age 18. He became a singer in the Government-sponsored Super Rail Band and his success led him to join rival band Les Ambassadeurs.

Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux

The band fled to the Ivory Coast in the mid-1970s because of military unrest in Mali. They returned following the conflict and found international recognition under a reformed name, Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux – and for pioneering a sound combining Zairean (now the Democratic Republic of Congo), Cuban and Malian influences to their incredible repertoire.

Watch this classic ode to president Sékou Touré of Guinea by Les Ambassadeurs Internationaux – featuring singer Salif Keita and guitarist Manfila Kanté. It is taken from Malian television broadcast in the early 1980s:

Since his solo debut Soro in 1987, through to the critically acclaimed Moffou in 2002, Keita has soared. Utilising fresh artists’ contributions, alongside some legends of African music, he has created a swansong album that is a fitting farewell for such a great talent and icon.

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Africa Seven return to Cameroon releasing special edition of Momo Joseph’s ‘War For Ground’

The French Africa Seven label’s next instalment returns to Cameroon with a special edition version of Momo Joseph’s in-demand LP – War For Ground – with three extra tracks.

Momo may be better known as an actor, most notably featuring in the French youth picture La Haine, in 1995. But his music is definitely as memorable. With this “Edition Speciale” reissue, Africa Seven provide all the originals from War For Ground remastered, alongside his classics Cameroon Airline, Love Africa Soul and his lesser known tack Oh Momo.

Oberman Knocks’ electronic artistry returns to Aperture Records after four year break


UK producer Oberman Knocks – who is Sheffield-born Nigel Truswell – makes a welcome return to Aperture Records since his last release a while ago. Dilankex in 2014 also featured an outstanding 17 minute remix from Autechre.

Working on other projects during this time seems to have charged his creative output and Oberman now propels himself back into the fold for his third album, Trilate Shift. The album’s polished production could see his appeal rise across a wider audience.

Trilate Shift has 14 tracks and encompass disembodied vocals and the distinctive sound of the artist that fans have come to love.

Last year, Oberman produced the soundtrack to The Red Tree – an award winning documentary film from Still films (New York / Dublin) and in 2016 he was commissioned by The Lowry in Salford to produce a sound installation, 30 Days of The Smiths. It formed part of their Week 53 festival and a version was also performed live.

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New World Treasures Music radio show now uploaded


Dur-Dur Band – Intro Vol.2

Don Rendell and Ian Carr Quintet – Black Mosque

Khalab – Dense (ft. Shabaka Hutchings & Tommaso Cappellato)

Dengue Dengue Dengue – Pua (ft. Penya)

Minimal Afrika – Swamp

Khalab – Zaire

Minimal Afrika – Tropifunkammammet

Kawuku Sound – Many Hands

D. Tiffany – Spirit Alien (Jayda G Esoteric Mix)

D. Tiffany – Who Me (Roza Terenzi Remix)

Minimal Afrika – Swamp

Jean-Pierre Boistel, Tony Kenneybrew – Remedios

Jean-Pierre Boistel, Tony Kenneybrew – Dans Le Secret & Clepsydre

Natsukashii – Horsey Sunset

Cuavo – In Search Of The Essence (ft Jessica Lauren)

Afro National – Push Am Forward

 Afro National – Mr Who You Be

Joe King Kologbo & The High Grace – Sugar Daddy

Kamal Tarbas – Min Ozzaina Seebak Seeb (Forget The Haters)

Saied Khalifa – Igd Allooli (The Pearl Necklace)

Group as Salaam – Track 4 (OtCRC003)

Sandman Project – Circles

Mahakala – Desert Road

Mahakala – The Exodus

Beating Heart release ‘Afro Bass Vol. 1’ – five electronic artists explore vintage recordings from Tanzania

Big tip on this one – Afro Bass Vol. 1 will be released on November 23rd by the Beating Heart label and is a rich journey through a variety of vintage recordings from 1950s Tanzania, with an electronic twist for the dancefloor – these are essential bits of Afro-house.

The fresh interpretations come from five artists creating from Scotland through to Finland, via London. This EP is the first in a series. ​2Fox​’s opener ​Lonzania​​ is superb and is a tried and tested dance-floor favourite, sampling the voices of the ​Hangaza​ women of Tanzania. The Busy Twist​ provide the late-night track ​Wa Wa Wine. ​Austin Ato​ samples the ​Haya​ women of Tanzania in ​Awakasi. ​​The traditional wailing is from a wedding procession song and features deeply groovy tribal drumming. ​Boys Ride Bikes’​ ​Resonate ​​samples an otter hunting song from the ​Haya​ people, with cries of hunting dogs, the bells around hunters’ necks and a dubbed out bassline. Finally, Maajo​’s tropical dub Umefika ​​samples ancestral voices singing of arriving in ​Marangu a small village on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. A tasty package indeed.

Here is a great video put out by Soundway, featuring a previous release by The Busy twist:

Here’s a link to some more music released on Beating Heart, differing from the release details above…some clarity needed (?)…but more great music nevertheless. Links to Beating Heart in the info:

Habibi Funk’s latest gem: reissue of lone album by The Scorpions and Saif Abu Bakr from Sudan – check out an interview with band leader, Ameer Nasser 

Habibi Funk’s next release Jazz Jazz Jazz is the sole album by Sudanese band, The Scorpions, with Saif Abu Bakr on vocals. Recorded in Kuwait in 1980 it’s a unique fusion of styles ranging from jazz, rock, folk and funk to more Sudanese-rooted tracks – including modernised versions of traditional rhythms and excursions into Congolese Soukouss.

All Habibi Funk reissues have been compilations so far, with curators’ favourite selections of tracks by one artist. This album is their first 1:1 re-release. Original copies sell on eBay for up to $1000.

Click here to read an interview with band leader, Amer Nasser.