The return of Nozinja – South African shangaan drops on Warp

Nozinja: Warp Records
Nozinja: Warp Records

Shangaan electro fury is coming with the release of Nozinja’s new LP this month. Nozinja is Richard Mthetwa, an electronic music producer based in the Limpopo province of South Africa, who has carved out a futuristic dance sound with tunes that peak at 180+ bpm and rock township shebeens and nightclubs alike. The dancing, the costumes, the vibe, the ideals, check out this mini-doc from a few years ago about the birth of the scene:

Key moments for this innovator were the genre-defining 2010 compilation on Honest Jon’s called Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance from South Africa, which gained a huge fanbase of worldwide listeners. Two years later, a remix album featuring the likes of Actress, Theo Parrish, RP Boo and Mark Ernestus further established the sound. It has paved the way for Nozinja’s first album after several 12″ singles for various forward thinking labels.

Nozinja will release his full-length debut entitled Nozinja Lodge at the end of May on Warp Records.

Nozinja: Warp Records
Nozinja: Warp Records

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