This is Leila Gobi, supreme songstress of Mali

Leila Gobi is a singer from Menaka near Gao, a rural area in Eastern Mali in the midst of the Saharan desert. Clermont have released her third LP and distributed more widely after her first two albums were available in her homelands. This video sees her in Malian pop mode, but her LP is sounding a much more polished and expansive affair for new audiences.

Leila Gobi's LP for Clermont
Leila Gobi’s LP for Clermont

Leila has toured the sub-Saharan region performing in Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Senegal where she wowed audiences. In September 2013 she performed in North America as one of the musicians presented by Clermont Music in its Festival au Desert /Caravan for Peace tour.

This was a Record Store Day 2015 release and has been selling more widely this month. Limited release and well worth adding to a discerning African collection.

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