Post-punk genius: Lizzy on Light In The Attic

All images courtesy of Light In The Attic Records


The seminal genius of French artist Lizzy Mercer Descloux is celebrated in a reissue of her classic debut LP by the purveyors of the finest archive material, Light In The Attic. Press Colour is a supreme selection of this auteur’s music and songwriting.

Her covers  of well known classics in her unique style – Fire being the best example – helped paint the landscape of the experimental post-punk scene and paved the way for new realms of creativity throughout the subsequent decades. The musical period she was part of will be continually scoured for inspiration and post-modern references.

This release comes with extensive photos of the period and thorough liner notes as usual. A great release after a brief spell off for this label.

Mercier Descloux grew up in Lyon and returned to Paris in her teens to attend art school. With her partner, Michel Esteban, she helped establish the punk movement in France and the magazine Rock News. Mercier Descloux and Esteban moved to New York in 1977, meeting Michael Zilkha, with whom Esteban formed ZE Records. With guitarist D.J. Barnes (Didier Esteban), Mercier Descloux formed the performance art duo Rosa Yemen and recorded a mini-album for ZE in 1978. The following year, ZE released her solo debut LP

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