WTM interview: Awesome Tapes From Africa (update)

Here’s a video from last month’s event:

Brian Shimkovitz started Awesome Tapes From Africa in 2006. He spoke to World Treasures Music – as part of a ten-year celebration of the blog at Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds before his supreme DJ set for &/Or Emporium at Hifi nightclub – about becoming a world renowned DJ, label boss and paving the way for a range of African musicians to reach new ears and tour the world.

Here’s the interview:

&/Or Emporium is exhibiting tape cover art from the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog at Outlaws Yacht Club, 38 New York Street, Leeds, LS2 7DY, UK, until the end of July.

Click here for the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog.

Thanks to Raf Bogan, Joe Gill + Shaun Read and all the Outlaws crew, Hifi and FSN, and of course…Brian.

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