Digital delights of the West Indies on Heavenly Sweetness/DiggersDigest Zandoli comp’

digi 2More priceless goodies for the tropical music movement and a great mix to boot.

This new project by DiggersDigest – with parisian label Heavenly Sweetness – is in collaboration with Afro/Antilles record expert Nicolas Skliris.

It’s honed towards cosmic dancing, while also showing an appreciative depth of the derivatives of zouk music produced in the West Indies in the 1980s.

Their hybrid creations have been described as “proto-zouk”, “funky-zouk”, or “boogie-zouk” and shows the mind boggling results of merging downright swinging dancefloor futurism with traditional styles and other rhythm influences (from funk, disco, afro-beat, Latin, Brazilian and more). The heady brew of  synthesizers and drum machines is unique and captures another moment in time and space that will once again illuminate our collections. This special release is one of the best of the year so far, alongside Analogue Africa’s Cosmic Sound…Cabo Verde compilation last month. As you can tell, we’re pretty excited at WTM!

And this right on the back of the Heavenly Sweetness/DiggersDigest collaboration that brought other standout compilation Kouté Jazz from the French Antilles, exhibiting the masterpieces of the West Indian jazz scene that fused the traditional styles of Biguine, Gwo Ka and Tumbélé.

Diggersdigest is an independant online record store in Paris and was founded by Julien Achard in 2006. Their mixtape appeared on Soundcloud and was available in tape format in a limited run of 50 earlier this year.

The LP s is out now with artwork by Nicholas Motte:

DigiFor more go to: DiggersDigest  or Heavenly Sweetness website

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