Paul Major: Feel the Music Vol. 1 reveals treasures from a true selectors’ vault

This compilation Paul Major: Feel the Music Vol 1 features ‘folk’, garage and psyche from private presses and ludicrously rare and expensive albums. It dropped just days ago. A fair few of the albums containing some of these mind bending tracks have had reissues, but this compilation brings the best of the best to one vinyl.

This platform given by Anthology Recordings has been expertly utilised. Paul Major was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1954. He played in bands in St. Louis and Los Angeles, before moving to New York in 1978, where he became embroiled in the punk scene and most notably as part of proto-speed metal band The Sorcerers. His life has been dedicated to cultivating an extensive knowledge of rare, ousider LPs of the highest depth and quality.

Major began a mail-order LP business and his catalogs have always shown his crate-digging knowledge and collection of unique psychedelic grails. He is also a vocalist and guitarist in rock band Endless Boogie – alongside Jesper Eklow (guitar), Marc Razo (bass) and Harry Druzd (drums).

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