Afrodisia revive Christy Essien’s ‘Give Me A Chance’ LP and we are reminded of her majesty

Rumours by Christy Essien is one of the best disco songs ever produced, from one of the leading female recording artists of her time in Nigeria. This reissue of the Give Me A Chance album provides a glorious opportunity to own this classic crackle free.

Essien was born in Akwa Ibom State in 1960 and enjoyed an accomplished career as a musician and an actress – featuring in TV and some Hollywood films such as Flesh and Blood and Scars Of Womanhood, both of which addressed issues of child abuse and female circumcision. She is also credited as having initiated the first meeting that brought about the formation of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria in 1981. Essien was a multi-talented artist of exceptional quality and high moral standing, who aimed to improve the lives of others.

Among nine studio albums, across a number of labels, Essien’s fifth album Give Me A Chance was released in 1980 by Afrodisia, and is being officially reissued again by the prolific Nigerian label.

Christy died after a brief illness in 2011. Close to the time of her death, she was involved in numerous successful businesses, organisations and running the non-governmental organisation Essential Child Care Foundation involved in child welfare. Essien’s achievements and awards are numerous.

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