Mexico’s Meth Math drop gothic video ahead of genre expanding reggaeton EP in March

Meth Math’s latest single Perreandon y Llorando is a gothic take on Mexico’s thriving reggaeton scene. Check out the mind and sound bending video that adds new dimensions to one of the country’s favourite dance music styles. It’s out on an EP in March on the In Real Life label.

Led by vocalist Ángel Ballesteros and backed by producers error.error (Efrén Coronado) and Bonsai Babies (To Robles), the trio grew up in the manufacturing-heavy city of Hermosillo, Sonora, 1,200 miles northwest of Mexico City. Ballesteros first studied in Sonora and now lives there, running clothes design label Baby Angel and art project, Antes de Cristo, making use of random spaces for art shows.

At a time when Mexico City’s music scene is becoming ever more eclectic and globalised – Ángel points out Rosa Pistola and La Favi as local contemporaries as well as bigger names like NAAFI-affiliated Siete Catorce. The forthcoming four tracks cite Mexico City’s thriving DIY scene and influences such as The Knife and Micachu.

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