Fortuna Records unearth lost 80’s synthesiser LP from Israeli pioneer Raviv Gazit


Fortuna Records return with the reissue of a mid-80s early electronica LP called Ze, by keyboardist Raviv Gazit. The album was composed entirely on the Synclavier synthesiser in the basement of the Tel Aviv University in 1985.

This ‘lost classic’ is certainly worth that label – Ze being a heady brew of collages of synth patterns, a range of percussive styles and psychedelic tones and arrangements. There are many standout tracks here, it’s finding so much range here that makes this such an avant-garde essential. The music is pioneering in the sense of aesthetic and origin, being as expansive and accomplished as many European or American works.

Take One & One for example, this hypnotic piece is otherworldly:

The label says: “Gazit was ahead of his time composing cold yet blissful electronic music for film and theatre which he later released as an album. An unexpected yet extremely welcome addition to Fortuna’s killer catalog.”

As you can hear Room 308 sounds like Rav’s hybrid of Jan Hammer and celestial funk monks, accompanying numerous synthesised voice experiments. Top stuff:

The album is out now, with Fortuna continuing their insightful excavations into Middle Eastern music and more. Highest recommendation with this one.

More info available at:


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