Audio Pervert’s ‘Quiet Someone’ project showcases “post-techno” Bengali producers – Anti808, Hybrid Protokol and Jadu Tona

This release perfectly encapsulates the remit of World Treasures Music – Quiet Someone is a showcase of emerging Bengali artists producing all manner of globally relevant ‘post-techno’ nuggets, and it’s released on Italy’s Hot Elephant Music.

Curated by Audio Pervert, “there is nothing audibly “Bengali” about the sound or aesthetics,” he says – although the artists and their cultural lineage is deeply connected to West Bengal, with the artists living in three distant parts of the world – however, they’re bound by language and are creating the “Bengali Proto-Sound of today”. The EP is an independent project between Spain, India and the U.S.

Audio Pervert (Samrat B) is a producer, curator, DJ and writer born in New Delhi, India and based in Valencia, Spain. Samrat spent his twenties and thirties creating music with various bands, collectives, singers and DJs, for TV and Bollywood. His sound design, beats and production feature in more than two dozen Bollywood blockbusters.

The ‘Audio Pervert’ moniker and blog has earned Samrat a globally recognised reputation. As a techno DJ, he’s performed at festivals, nightclubs, secret parties and raves in India, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, France, China, La Reunion, and more. Since 2010, Simrat’s various projects, tours and compilations have connected Indian electronic music with the rest of the world. He is actively involved in music education and empowerment of women and is working with various agencies based in the E.U and India.

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