‘La Búsqueda’ is exciting new LP by Barcelona’s Karmasound – futuristic Latin fusion for Phuture Shock Musik of Bristol

Phuture Shock Musik are always forward thinking and La Búsqueda – the debut album from Barcelona-based producer and multi-skilled musician Damián Botigué, aka Karmasound – is a fresh electronic take on Latin fusion.

La Búsqueda is inspired by ’70’s Latin fusion and funk, while brought right up to date with electronic sensibilities within an individualised broken-beat aesthetic. There’s also hip hop, soul and Afro-fused elements.

Karmasound released his acclaimed first 12” Probabalidades EP on the Bristol in 2018, followed by Can See Thru You a year later. He’s also contributed to recent projects by label mate Cyclonix and Wolf Music signee, Pedro.

For more, go to the Phuture Shock Musik Bandcamp.

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