LISTEN: World Treasures Music Radio – first mix of 2020 tours the globe

Here’s a mix of various new releases and reissues so far in 2020, check out the newsfeed for more info.

There’s Indonesian jaipong, Israeli acid-techno, Turkish electric saz, Swiss avant-garde electronica, Algerian Synth Raï, as well as Bollywood breaks and bass (forthcoming on Extinct Melodies in the Bollywood Warehouse). Picks around Europe include a Baris K dub for Mr Bongo, of recent release Kit Sebastian; Chassol’s sublime alt-pop; and the trippy, Amazonian cut from Rush Hour’s recent compilation of Sassy J picks.

The UK is represented by hip-hop from Jungle Brown, Eglo’s new signing Destiny 71z and the MIC label’s new remixes of Greek leftfield jazz duo, Kolida Babo. Two of WTM’s favourite labels – Isle of Jura and Left Ear Records – are included, with the former’s second Transmissions compilation and the latter’s reissued work of Berlin synth-wave trio, I.A.O. and the aspirational boogie oddity by Rahjan James. Enjoy!



Raviv Gazit – One & One   [Fortuna Records reissue]

Hit Man – Future Times.  [Isle Of Jura compilation – Transmissions Vol. 2*]

Air Project – Rap Yourself   [Bongo Joe compilation – Intenta**]

Kolida Babo – Exodus (Who’s The Technician remix)   [MIC]

Dressed Up Animals – Mondtanz   [Bongo Joe**]

I.A.O. – Gospel IV   [Left Ear Records compilation]

I.A.O. – All Is Bliss   [Left Ear Records]

I.A.O. – Places Of Soul   [Left Ear Records]

Bochum Welt – Greenwich   [Isle Of Jura Records*]

Red Axes – Dosa   [Dark Entries]

Kit Sebastian – Durma (Baris K Dub)   [Mr Bongo]

John Rocca – The River Must Flow (Zulu Dub)   [Isle Of Jura Records*]

Destiny 71z – Dimdraft   [Eglo]

Ivan ‘Mamão’ Conti – Amazon Orison   [Rush Hour]

Daniele Patucchi – People Come In   [Isle Of Jura Records*]

Akbaba İkilisi – Darıldım Darıldım   [Uzelli]

Maquis Son Sistem – Nasse   [Maquis Son Sistem]

Idjah Hadidjah & Jugula Jaipongan – Sinyur   [Hive Mind Records]

Chassol – Savana, Céline, Aya (Pt.1 and Pt.2)   [Tricatel]

Jungle Brown – Huami (instrumental)   [Mr Bongo]

Nordine Staifi – Zine Ezzinet    [Bongo Joe compilation – Mahgreb K7]

Bupa Bupa (RFX Edit)   [Fauve]

House Bangra (Midnight Runners Edit)   [Fauve]

Rahjan James – Impossible Dreams   [Left Ear Records]

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