Rare tapes compiled on ‘Uzelli Elektro Saz’ and ‘Maghreb K7 Club’ are out now and are among year’s highlights so far

Turkish record label Uzelli have released their world first compilation of electronic saz music – an instrument inextricably linked to rebellion and revolution – entitled Uzelli Elektro Saz (1976 – 1984). Extracted from the tape archives of the label Uzelli, the music is curated by Murat Ertel – the lead singer and saz player of pioneering psych band BaBa Zula – and his wife, Esma Ertel.

Also, now fully released – after WTM previewed the first singles of both compilations this month and last – is Bongo Joe’s Maghreb K7 Club: Synth Raï, Chaoui & Staiif 1985-1997, selecting music recorded and produced in Lyon by musicians from the Maghreb region in North-Africa. It again brings together tracks that were released on audio cassettes only and are now available for the first time on vinyl.

Both releases bring together some vintage cassette artwork. Click here to check out the Uzelli tape covers.

Affice Amicale Des Algeriens en Europe

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